Welcome to Mojo!

We are a Running Specialty Store in West Chester, Ohio. We have a great staff dedicated to finding the correct shoe, right apparel or perfect accessory for you. In addition to running and walking shoes we also carry Trail, Track and Cross Country Shoes.  With a large triathlon club we also offer swimming and triathlon training gear. Our goal is to keep you running and competing and give you the information and gear you will need to take your running to the next level! We offer group runs, group rides, and multiple swim and bike clinics throughout the year.  If you are looking for some 1-on-1 coaching we can do that as well with Certified Ironman coaches and USAT Certified coaches available. Come in and see us and we will do everything we can to help you "Live Life in Forward Motion."




Paul Heintz - Owner
Paul is the store owner, or Mr Mojo, to many of his running friends. Paul ran his first marathon, the NYC marathon, in 1984 and has continued to run every distance between the 5K and marathon, including 200-mile relay events ever since. A veteran of 30+ marathons, including several Boston efforts, Paul continues to have a passion for both road and trail running. In addition to running Paul is also a triathlete and a 2-timel Ironman. In December, 2015, Paul earned his Ironman Coaching Certification and now coaches hopeful triathletes. Paul also earned Ironman All World Athlete status based upon his 2015 efforts. This past September Paul became a USAT Certified Race Director and continues to put on excellent events in the local running and triathlon scene. Paul's favorite sport is rugby but he is retired now and prefers to strap on the running shoes rather than the rugby boots these days and can be found most days working at the store dispensing thoughts and suggestions to interested runners, walkers and triathletes.
Paul Wade - Running Specialist
Hi! My name is Paul Wade, sometimes known to the Mojo Nation as, "the other Paul." I call myself a born again runner. I ran in junior high and high school on the track and cross country teams then took a 20 year hiatus. I started running again about 13 years ago as a way to improve my health and lose weight. A year later and 50lbs. lighter, I started running in some 5K races. To my surprise, I earned some age group awards and then I was hooked! Now, I will run where ever I can, treadmills to trails, 5K's to marathons, mud runs to trail races. Not only do I love to run, I truly enjoy being around and helping runners, so being here at Mojo Running is a natural fit.
Jamie Pytlinski - Running Specialist
Hi, I’m Jamie and while I love all things exercise (bootcamp, spinning, core workouts, yoga), my favorite is running. I ran a little in high school and hated it...then began running to get in shape after having my first child. That motivation has changed into a passion. I have grown to love those quiet times of my feet hitting the pavement. Running has been my teacher in many ways…determination, goal setting, being gracious to myself, perseverance. Running has also provided me with life changing experiences…I’ve connected with a lot of people through running, but have also enjoyed quiet time alone to pray. Running is also a fabulous way to see and experience a new city or vacation place! While I’ve run two half marathons and several 15k’s, my goal has always been a full marathon. My previous attempts have been thwarted by injury, but not this year!!!
Maddie Armbruster - Running Specialist
My name is Maddie Armbruster and I started running with Mojo during my junior year of high school, and have been with them ever since. I just completed my freshman year at Miami University, with 14 half marathons under my belt, along with 3 full marathons. I first qualified for Boston a week after I turned 18, then again seven months later, and will be running it in 2017. Running has brought me a lot of joy and friendships over the years, and I look forward to where it’ll take me in the future. I love to help others find their own joys in running.
Deidre Bunton - Running Specialist
Hi there! I am Deirdre Bunton. I become a "late in life runner." I played soccer, softball and was a swimmer in my earlier years. After I had my children I needed to find some kind of workout that I could do that worked with my schedule - and that was running. I love the "mental rejuvenation" I get from running along with the great feeling of finishing a long morning run. I enjoy running anything over the 10K distance and competing in local triathlons. I will run as long as my legs will carry me and I want to help you do the same.
Mark Stansberry - Running Specialist
Hello. I am Mark Stansbery. I started running in my mid-forties, relatively late compared to most runners. I started running off and on to try to get in some kind of decent physical shape. After about ten years, I signed up for my first actual race (a 5K). Since then, I've been hooked. I have participated in dozens of races, from 1 mile long to marathons and have logged over 10,000 miles. The running community is made up of my people and there are none finer. Running is my passion in life, a sport that I can take with me wherever I travel, and that is its own reward.