Welcome to Mojo!

We are a Running Specialty Store in West Chester, Ohio. We have a great staff dedicated to finding you the correct shoe, right apparel or perfect accessory for you. Our goal is to keep you running and give you the information you will need to take your running to the next level! Come in and see us and we will do everything we can to help you "Live Life in Forward Motion."


Paul Heintz - Owner
Paul is the store owner, or Mr Mojo, to many of his running friends. Paul ran his first marathon, the NYC marathon, in 1984 and has continued to run every distance between the 5K and marathon, including 200-mile relay events ever since. A veteran of 30+ marathons, including several Boston efforts, Paul continues to have a passion for both road and trail running. In addition to running Paul is also a triathlete and just completed his first full Ironman in October of 2013 in Wilmington, NC the Beach2Battleship Ironman event. Paul's favorite sport is rugby but he is semi-retired and prefers to strap on the running shoes rather than the rugby boots these days and can be found most days working at the store dispensing thoughts and suggestions to interested runners, walkers and triathletes.
Jerry Medina - Speed Work Coach
My name is Jerry Medina. I started running cross country and track while I was freshmen at Triad High School in Illinois. During my freshmen year I ran my first 5k and while I may not have placed, I loved the experience and learned that I love to compete and I've been addicted ever since. After High School I started competing in road races (mostly 5k's) and have met many great people along the way. I love to travel to different areas/states for races so there's always a new challenge and the chance to meet other runners. My greatest experience as a runner was to be able to attend the 2012 Olympic Trials in Houston, Texas. The best advice I can give anyone is stay positive, listen to your body, and to make sure you have good training partners that keep you motivated. Above all, have fun with it.
Robin Delnoce - Running/Triathlon Specialist
My name is Robin Delnoce and I've been helping runners achieve their goals at Mojo Running since 2010. I was pretty much a lump until 2005 when a friend asked me to join her Flying Pig Marathon relay team. At 190 pounds, I was not the ideal running partner, but my friend had faith that I could finish the 7 miles required. From the moment I crossed that finish line, my life changed. I continued running, lost 60 pounds, crossed 37 marathon finish lines, participated in 5 Boston Marathons, and completed 2 Ironman triathlons. At Mojo Running, I am able to assist new runners and learn from veterans. Trust me, if I can do it, anyone can.
Leanne Gooch - Running/Triathlon Specialist
My name is Leanne Gooch and I've been running since high school. I ran mostly 5 and 10K's until my first full marathon in 1997. Since then, I have run several marathons including; Boston, Chicago, Columbus, and the Flying Pig. Running wasn't enough punishment for me, so I took on the callenge of triathlon in 1998. I have completed four Ironman distances including Lake Tahoe in September of 2013. I am a certified personal trainer and I look forward to helping athletes of all levels achieve their goals as a running and triathlon specialist here at Mojo Running.
Paul Wade - Running Specialist
Hi! My name is Paul Wade, sometimes known to the Mojo Nation as, "the other Paul." I call myself a born again runner. I ran in junior high and high school on the track and cross country teams. I then took a 20 year hiatus and started running again about 13 years ago as a way to improve my health and lose weight. A year later and 50lbs. lighter, I started running in some 5K races. To my surprise, I earned some age group awards and then I was hooked! Now, I will run where ever I can, treadmill to trails, 5K's to marathons, mud runs to trail races. Not only do I love to run, I truly enjoy being around and helping runners, so being here at Mojo Running is a natural fit.
Brady Holmer - Running Specialist
My name is Brady Holmer, and I am currently a runner for Northern Kentucky University. I began running cross country in 7th grade just to get into shape for basketball, but running quickly became something I both enjoyed and was good at. I won every single race during 8th grade cross country, and decided to quit basketball and just run. I don.t regret the choice one bit! During high school I earned All GMC 3 times, won 2 team GMC championships, and qualified for regionals numerous times. In track, the 3200m is my main event and I also run the 1600m. My senior year of XC I was GMC champion and runner of the year, as well as District champion. Running long distances is what I love most about running, but the feeling of effortless speed is great. Working here at Mojo is an amazing experience to talk and interact with runners who share my passion. When I.m older I will not doubt continue to run, and would love to give marathon running a shot and hopefully qualify for the Olympic Marathon Trials. To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift. . Steve Prefontaine
Mandy MacDonald - Running Specialist
My name is Mandy and I have been running since 2003. I attended Colerain High School where I played soccer and ran cross country and track. I earned First Team all GMC in the 400 and 800 meter relays as a freshman and was a regional finalist. I have graduated with a degree in Neuroscience from the University of Cincinnati and plan to attend Physician Assistant School next fall. I have been running recreationally throughout college and have recently completed two 200 miles relays with fellow Mojo runners. I am have completed two half marathons and look forward to my next! Until then, I am eager to share my passion for running with everyone who comes through Mojo!
Madeline Eroskey - Sprinting/Running Specialist
I get the most crap for running the least, but needless to say I am the fastest! I started my running career in Junior High with cross country, but found out quickly that long distance running was not for me. I made the switch to track and feild and ran for the Lakota East Girl's Track varsity team four straight years. I hold a long jump record from 2008 at Liberty Junior school of 14 feet and 8 inches, and I broke the 4x200 meter relay record with my team mates in 2011 at Lakota East High School. I did not continue onto running at the collegiate level, but I still run for fun and to stay healthy. I ran my first 5k in fall of 2012 in Kent, Ohio, but do not plan on continuing my long distance career. I also am a running/sprinting specialist at Second Sole Kent and Akron, Ohio.
Marin Rebella -
Running has always been in my life; my parents met in a running class in college so you could say it is in my blood. I first started cross country and track in middle school in Chicago. I moved to Mason, Ohio for high school and continued to run there. Although I battled some injuries, I made it through and was able to complete the Flying Pig Half Marathon in May of 2011 (thanks to Paul's training program and motivation). I am currently attending the University of Wisconsin, despite the cold I stay active and am a part of the UW Running Club. Working at Mojo has increased my love for running and everything that comes with it. I am going to run a marathon one day wearing full Mojo gear!